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config files

DOWNLOAD Starterpack (REMEMBER: YOU have to set the DZ elevation in EVERY file!)
DOWNLOAD Starterpack (DZ elevation set to 72m for Marl)
[you will need firmware v20150814, v20160906, or newer...]

DOWNLOAD available later 2017! Starterpack 0.5[_Marl72].zip
[based on firmware 20170405, silence below 1000m, 3 new files optimized 4 tracking/small suits, canopyglide/paragliding; 10Hz logging? ...]

in short: simply extract/copy all files and folders from the zip into the root-folder of your Flysight. [to avoid problems remove/delete/rename (and if you want: backup) the config-folder and all your config-files before!]

Recommendend way: Backup all your files of the Flysight - Format the SD card in the Flysight - be sure you have the latest/recommended firmware installed - extract/copy all files and folders from the zip into the root-folder of your Flysight.

6 selectable configurations:

time - distance - speed - alarms only - standard config - car-test-config

1. (km)*** only! (beep, 3, 2, 1, beep, 0 - - - chirp up, 0)

2. (time) (beeping + voice: vertical speed in km/h every 5 secs +*)
3. (distance) (beeping + voice: Glideratio max.4.0 every 5 secs +*)
4. (speed) (beeping + voice: horizonzal speed in km/h every 5 secs +*)
[time+distance+speed created by Michael (Only 2 changes: added the in all files and changed the max. Glideratio from 3 to 4 in the distance-file), taken from here.]

5. (0) standard config file without any changes (only beeping, no voicemessages, no alarms, no DZ elevation set. Lying in the root-folder.)
6. (base) car-bike-test-configfile - for testing purposes on the ground! Simply tells you your speed every 3 seconds and beeps 2 times inbetween. threshold = 0.

Selectable configuarationfiles - HowTo

"To change which configuration file is being used, toggle your FlySight on-off-on quickly (...). The FlySight will go through the files in the "config" folder, and play the "Init_File" sound for each one. Turn the FlySight off when you hear the file you want to select. When you turn the FlySight back on, it should play the "Init_File" sound again to tell you it is using that configuration.
To change back to the default "config.txt" configuration, toggle the FlySight on-off-on quickly, then wait while it plays all of the "Init_File" sounds. When it is done, it will revert to the default "config.txt" file--the (...) one (...) 'lying in the root folder of the Flysight'."



      2050m-Chirp up

  [in all files included: audiofolder with all 32 official audiofiles (also sally) spoken by Michael]