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Flysight is designed by Bionic Avionics.
Official support for example via Facebook page or via official homepage support. This here is just a user page.

config files

Here in the config-section you can find a Starterpack.
[You will need to have one of the latest (beta) firmwares installed! (v20170405, v20170719, or newer...)

12 selectable configurations:
alarms only
PPC time
PPC distance
PPC speed
WOWS distance
WOWS speed
10hz logging

2 alternative PPC-pakets

1 alternative WOWS-paket


"Note: The FlySight ´firmware` can be updated using ´macOS`, Windows XP or Windows 7, but unfortunately not using Windows 8 [and 10]. It is possible to fix this problem, but it requires a hardware programmer which most users won't have. (...)" (source)

Michael has send me a Flysight Programmer v1.2 (Thanks!), so that I am able to perform the bootloaderupdate.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me via or

links: links:

*** = links to not officially released versions. - (last updated 20171119)

other Flysight related projects:

more links:

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  • Droidsense (Android, Sensor-/GPS-Logging)
    • L/D Magic (iOS only)($)
    • L/D Vario (Android+Wear/iOS/Win)
    • Wingsuit FAP (Android/iOS/Win)
    • Rockdrop Pro (Android+Wear/iOS/Win)($)
    • Smart Altimeter (Android+Wear/iOS/Win)
    • Wingsuit Studio (Win32)

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